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WDMCS is happy to have visitors and volunteers at its schools. Visitors come to watch assemblies, have lunch with their child, or visit their child’s classroom. It's important to arrange visits with the teacher a day before, keep visits short, and avoid discussing individual concerns when students are around. Young children and students need an adult with them during visits.

Volunteers help with various projects at school, like classroom assistance or participating in support groups. To learn more about volunteering, call your school office. Volunteers may go through extra checks.

Visitors and volunteers should enter through the front door, check in at the office, and get a visitor badge every time they visit. Bring personal identification like a state-issued ID or passport. Your ID will be checked through a screening process called Raptor, and you'll be asked where you'll be in the building. This helps in emergencies. If you don't pass the screening, you can't enter.

WDMCS follows state laws, so visitors and volunteers must follow the restroom policy based on their assigned gender at birth. All schools have different restrooms available.