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Good news! Breakfast and lunch is free for all students at Southwoods this year, thanks to a grant obtained for some WDMCS schools.

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You can have breakfast in the cafeteria 30 minutes before school starts. You can choose a hot breakfast or go for cereal, yogurt, or a muffin with fruit, fruit juice, and milk. Ask your school for more details about breakfast options after the school day begins.


At lunchtime, you get to pick from different options in the cafeteria to create your own meal. All the food is wrapped or packaged. You don't have to order ahead; just choose what you want in line. If you want the meal for free, pick at least one fruit or veggie and two other items. If you bring lunch from home, you can also grab fruits, veggies, and milk (at least three items) from the cafeteria line.